Here are useful travel guides in Tokyo.


Japanese Garden & River Cruise

Traditional Japanese gardens, such as the Hama-Rikyu Gardens, a typical garden of the Edo period (1603–1868), or the Imperial Palace East Gardens, a part of the palace grounds open to the public, and the former site of Edo Castle. A river cruise from the Hama-Rikyu Gardens will offer views of Tokyo from the river.

Asakusa – Japan’s Most Famous Temple

Asakusa, which is the old center of downtown Tokyo, and the most famous sightseeing spot in Tokyo. The area maintains the atmosphere of the old capital, with its 200m-long covered avenue of numerous stalls leading up to Japan’s most famous Buddhist temple, Sensoji. You can find traditional shops to buy souvenirs or Japanese local sweets and fast food along the market street.

Mt. Takao

Mt. Takao – The western fringes of Tokyo Travel beyond the western suburbs of Tokyo to a place where you can feel the Japanese spiritual world coexisting with nature. Mt. Takao is both a popular hiking spot and a religious destination. It takes approximately 90 minutes from the venue to Mt. Takao, where you can enjoy clean, fresh air in a natural environment. You can also experience Goma Kito, a ritual fire performance by a priest and Shojin ryori, Buddhist vegetarian cuisine here.