Eiji Hosoda

Eiji Hosoda has Ph.D. in economics from Keio University. He is now a Vice Chancellor of Tokai University, and a professor of Department of Economics, Tokai University. He is the President of the Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center, which administrates and promotes recycling of end-of-life vehicles in Japan. He is also serving as the Chairperson of 3Rs Promotion Forum as well as the 3Rs Promotion Council. He was a member of several governmental councils and working groups for a long time, contributing to legislation of recycling laws of containers and packages, electric and electronic appliances, automobiles, construction and buildings and so on.

Eiji Hosoda is the author of many papers, books, book-chapters and articles, and edited several books. He has served as an editor of Metroeconomica for more than twenty years. He was awarded as a person of Environmental Contribution by the Minister of Environment. He was also academically awarded by the Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, the Society of Environmental Science, the Japan and the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management.